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Rainbow Reads: Romance


Fall in love with LGBTQIA+ romance this Pride Month! Love takes many forms across multiple genres in our collection. So whether you prefer your romance in the real world, fantastical worlds, or worlds of the past, we have a wide range of titles to help you find your perfect romance. Read on to explore just some of the titles we’re gushing over this month.

  • Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers, also available on Hoopla
    • What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas when 28-year-old Grace has a wild night that ends in marriage! Known for sticking to a plan, Grace is out of her element after waking up married – without knowing so much as her spouse’s name. But after recent career uncertainty, and growing pressure from her parents, a little impulsiveness may be exactly what Grace needs to find happiness. Embracing her newfound spontaneity, Grace escapes to New York for the summer to get to know her wife. But will running away from reality eventually catch up to them?
  • Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston— movie coming to Amazon Prime August 11!
    • When Alex’s mother is elected President, he is immediately deemed American royalty. Alex’s charismatic personality makes him perfect for White House publicity, until his flair for the dramatic and contempt for England's Prince Henry cause a PR nightmare for both governments. In an effort to remedy the situation, both countries put together a plan for the rivals to become friends. What starts as a fake friendship develops into a very real and secret romance. But newfound love could have even larger consequences, and Alex and Henry will have to decide if it’s worth the risk to be true to themselves.

For more realistic romance, check out these other books from our collection:

  • Electra Rex by April C. Griffith
    • Electra Rex, the universe’s last known human, is on a mission to get rich, pay her debts, avoid space pirates and creditors, and catch the attention of Treasure, a bisexual clone rescued from a lab run by squids. She takes a job with a powerful yet mysterious organization working to rebuild Earth. But when she discovers her employer’s sinister plans for the future, and for Treasure, will she abandon her mission in the name of love?
  • Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree
    • Viv, the orc barbarian, has always conquered her enemies, but can she conquer her latest challenge, opening a coffee shop? Viv wants to bring coffee to the small village of Thune but will need to put her offensive strategy aside in order to make connections and ensure her shop’s success. With new friends by her side, Viv hopes to make something great out of this new chapter.
  • Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune
    • When Wallace is seated at his funeral with only his law firm partners, ex-wife, and the reaper who came to collect him in attendance, he is hesitant to believe he’s dead. But when he’s taken to an eclectic tea shop where the owner promises to help him pass on to the afterlife, Wallace has to face not only his death, but who he was in life. With seven days to crossover, Wallace decides to take advantage of the time, and ultimately learns to open his heart to things he never would have imagined.

Some additional great titles include:

  • Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (also a BBC miniseries)
    • Sue, a “fingersmith” (aka a thief), hatches a scheme with a gentleman in order to steal an heiress’s fortune. The plan: Sue will become heiress Maud’s maid, and convince Maud to marry her gentleman accomplice. Then, he’ll have Maud committed to a psychiatric facility, take control of her assets, and split the fortune with Sue. The plan is simple, that is, until Sue develops a connection to Maud and they begin to fall for each other. Treachery abounds in this dark love story.
  • The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles
    • Adventure and mystery fill the pages of this Regency-era romance novel! Considered a disappointment by his father and abandoned at a young age, Gareth grew up craving connection and companionship. When his father dies, Gareth inherits his large estate, and must adapt to a world and family he never knew. The remote estate is host to an underworld of smugglers, and from this criminal element emerges a familiar face: Gareth’s long lost love, Joss Doomsday. Their reunion could prove dangerous, but love will make it difficult to stay away.
  • Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta, also available on Hoopla
    • Two young girls from different ethnic communities are displaced by the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970). Sent away to safety, the two meet and fall in love. Their relationship, forbidden by their culture, requires that the girls deny their true feelings and identities, but at what cost?

Need more historical romance reads? Give these titles a try!

As always, you can request customized book recommendations tailored to your interests with My Next Read.  Happy reading!

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