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As a genre, fantasy has a little something for everyone… urban fantasy for a grittier experience, high fantasy for purists, portal fantasy for the adventurous, and more. In times of stress, fantasy can capture your attention, allowing you to escape into the story. From sentient cities to time traveling romance to magically enhanced Kung Fu, the titles below are a diverse offering of delights for adult readers.
Rock & Roll evolved as a genre in the United States between the late 1940s and 50s. The genre blended rhythm and blues, boogie woogie, and gospel, among other musical styles. Some of the best rock albums were released in the 1970s when new engineering techniques and recording studios became ubiquitous, and some of the greatest rock and rock-related albums of that decade are available on Hoopla to stream with your library card! This is a list of ten incredible albums that integrate elements of rock music throughout their wax.
Children begin to understand the concept of money early in age. They are showered with clothes, toys, and money from birth. How did all this stuff even get here? A trip to the store is the perfect time to introduce the idea of money, that things cost a certain amount, and that you have to pay for the things you want. Here are some books to help.
Makerspaces have popped up all over the world in libraries, museums, and on school campuses. Why not have a Makerspace in your own living space? Makerspaces can fuel innovation, critical thinking skills, and problem solving for teens. Depending on the space you have available at home, you can create a pop-up, temporary makerspace, or a dedicated area. What’s most important is having an environment to be creative.
Con cada año que pasa, el idioma español crece en importancia dentro de los Estados Unidos. Según un informe del censo de los Estados Unidos de 2015, unos 37 millones de hispanohablantes residen en el país y en Virginia, esos números son casi 600,000 mil. Además, muchas personas toman clases de español para mejorar su comprensión del idioma y la cultura. Ya sea que se trate de un hablante nativo o un estudiante del idioma, la Biblioteca Pública del Condado de Henrico ofrece muchos recursos para quienes deseen materiales en español.
A good book can feature a journey to a distant land, an impossible reality, or sometimes, stories within a story. Authors often include or invent books of great power and importance within their imagined worlds. Our teen librarians created this list of some of their favorite books about books for teens.
Increased diversity in children’s literature has been a welcome and growing phenomenon over the past few years. Thanks to the work of organizations like We Need Diverse Books- a non-profit started in 2014 by a diverse group of children’s and YA authors including Virginia residents Meg Medina and Lamar Giles- more children’s books have been written and published featuring a wide variety of racially, ethnically, ability and gender diverse characters, allowing all children to see themselves and their experiences within the books they read. Here are some of our favorites.
Many books have been made into fabulous film adaptations. So what is the best option… read it and then watch it? Watch it and then read it? The choice is for you and your family to make. You could even listen to the audiobook first. Here are some of our favorite book and film pairings for you to discover (or rediscover) beloved characters in literature.
It’s hard to maintain balance in your life when you are experiencing stress and anxiety, but that is often when it is most important to take the time to care for yourself. Whether you are looking for a little inspiration, some sage advice on achieving inner peace, or a step-by-step guide to self-care practices, we have books that can help.
June is Pride Month, and in celebration, we wanted to share some of our favorite memoirs and autobiographies from the LGBTQIA+ community. Reading about other people’s experiences can help us make connections and build empathy. The authors featured here come from a wide variety of backgrounds and lead different lives with unique experiences, occupations, and perspectives.

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