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Escape into a Fantasy Realm

An array of book covers from titles featured in this post.

Need to escape for a little bit? Dive into a fantasy world and be whisked away by conjured beasts, join in a timeless battle between good and evil, or get lost in fairy adventures. Explore the unknown and meet mystical creatures who may be more relatable than you believe. These reads will excite your imagination, and inspire you to make our world a better place.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – This is the first book in a fantastic series filled with action, adventure, and humor. It follows six outcasts who must work together in this land of strange magic to pull off the heist of a lifetime.

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu – This historic fantasy novel tells a story of Nannerl Mozart, who is the lesser-known sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Also musically talented like her younger brother Wolfgang, Nannerl has just one gift – to be remembered forever. However, because she is a young woman in eighteenth-century Europe, composing is forbidden. As time passes, Nannerl’s hopes become dimmer as Wolfgang becomes more popular. As Nannerl discouragement grows, a mysterious stranger from a magical land appears with a powerful offer.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi – Plunge into this expansive fantasy world! The current king has deemed magic too dangerous to use and has made magic users second-class citizens. Tired of this treatment and after the death of her mother, Zelie, a magic-user, and her brother set out to restore their people’s magic abilities. This is an absorbing, fast-paced story about fighting for justice! First in a series. Also available on Hoopla.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – Brought into the treacherous fairy world by the man who murdered her parents, Jude wants desperately to belong. Despite having only known this world, Jude’s goal of gaining acceptance is nearly impossible. Humans are hated and pitied by the fey natives. This suspenseful high fantasy will take you deep into the world of fairies. First in the series, Folk of the Air.

Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable True Story of a Teenage Wizard by Echo Brown – Echo believes that she and her mother are wizards with the power to use portals as a means of travel. She uses this power to travel between her world on the East Side to an affluent school on the West Side. Readers will be inspired by this blend of autobiography and magical realism that finds hope in a desperate situation.

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy – The tyrannical Mercer Corporation rules the universe. Ari Helix is on the run when she crash lands on Old Earth. With her adoptive brother and new friends she meets along the way, she sets out to overthrow the Mercer Corporation and bring mankind together. This retelling of the Arthurian legend is set in space and features King Arthur reincarnated as a teenage girl with a diverse cast of characters.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa – On her sixteenth birthday, Megan learns that she is part fey. More specifically, she is the daughter of King Oberon of the Unseelie Fairy Court. When her young half-brother is kidnapped and replaced with a changeling, Megan must enter the world of fairy to save him. This novel features lots of action and plenty of romance! First in a series.

The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi – Ten-year-old Elin’s world is shattered when a young Toda mysteriously dies in Elin’s mother’s care. These giant water serpents are an important part of the kingdom’s army, and as punishment for the loss of the serpents Elin’s mother is sentenced to death. Elin escapes to safety to live in the mountains. As she grows into a young woman, Elin discovers that she has the ability to communicate with beasts, including the Toda. Translated from Japanese, this thoughtful, coming-of-age fantasy will take you away into its detailed world. Also available on Hoopla.

If you would like more fantasy titles, request a reading list just for you using My Next Read. Just fill out the short form with books you’ve enjoyed recently, and we will send you a list of titles we think you will love.

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