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Short Stories: A Gateway to New Authors


There are lots of ways to find new favorite authors. At the library you can always ask a librarian for suggestions, or request a book list through My Next Read, but sometimes it feels like a lot to commit to a whole novel. Short stories are a great way to try an author's work and get a taste of their style in a single sitting!  

Short story anthologies contain stories from several different authors, usually centered around a particular genre or topic. Here are some recommended anthologies:

You can also browse many volumes of “Best of” collections. These come out each year with a fantastic selection of stories:

There are also anthologies based on the work of a single author. These collections gather writing from several authors who were all inspired by the same person. If you like Agatha Christie, check out Marple: Twelve New Mysteries. Or if science fiction is more your thing, check out Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements ed. by adrienne maree brown for stories inspired by the author Octavia Bulter.

If you read a story that you really enjoy, often you can find more work by that author. They might write short fiction and have a collection of their work, or they might have published a novel or essay collection. Visit our catalog and search by author to see what else we might have.

There are many wonderful short story anthologies in our collection and available on OverDrive! If you need help finding the right one, you can always submit a My Next Read request or contact us through our Ask a Librarian service (green tab on the right side of our website). We hope you find something new and exciting to enjoy in the coming year!

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