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Summer Reading Tails: Pets

A photograph of a dog's nose mostly obscured by the book covers from titles mentioned in this post.

Pets, Pets, Pets!!! In celebration of our Summer Reading Program, “Tails and Tales,” we have some wonderful books about amazing pets for you to check out. In these fun tales you can learn how Arthur adopts an adorable pet puppy, Norman the goldfish becomes the perfect pet and an adventurous pup meets a high-energy toddler!

Do you have any pets? If so, we would love photos of your fabulous and photogenic pets, and hear their tales! Pets are such a wonderful part of our families and we want to celebrate them with you when you share your fantastic photos with us. Tag us @HenricoLibrary on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share!

Arthur’s New Puppy by Marc Brown – Arthur is excited when he brings home his puppy, Pal, but the puppy goes wild! Luckily, Arthur has some training ideas in mind as he helps Pal get used to his new home.

Not Norman by Kelly Bennet – Norman the goldfish isn't what this little boy had in mind. He had wanted a different kind of pet, perhaps one that could run, catch, or chase string, or a furry pet who sleeps on your bed. He tries to trade Norman in and realizes, maybe Norman is the best pet for him.

Please, Puppy, Please By Tonya Lewis Lee and Spike Lee – In this book of tail-wagging fun, take a look at what happens when high-energy toddlers meet an adventurous pup who has plans of his own. As puppy explores his new world, you will laugh until you cry as you try to keep up with their antics.

Pet Rescue Club, A New Home for Truman by Catherine Hapka – Janey can’t have a pet of her own, so she creates a blog for kids to post cute photos of their dogs and cats. She receives a photo of a homeless dog and the start of a pet rescue club may just turn out to be her next important project.

Adventure According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney – Humphrey dreams of sailing the high seas. His class builds a boat to sail on the local pond and the adventure seems to be coming true except for the trouble between two friends that puts Humphrey in “unsqueakable” danger.

A Pet for Fly Guy by Ted Arnold – Fly Guy and Buzz do everything together. They even search for the best pet together. You will get a kick out of their attempts to find the perfect pet in this funny and laugh filled adventure.

Such A Good Boy by Marianna Coppo – Buzz the dog would never dream of being anything other than good. He seems to have the best of everything, like a perfect life and well-behaved friends, until... Check out what Buzz gets into in this hilarious adventure.

My Pet Book by Bob Staake – This fun-filled story about a little boy and his unusual pet will make you laugh out loud. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out what type of pet this little boy chooses!

We look forward to receiving those pictures of your beautiful pets. In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful suggested reads and have “Pet-tastic” summer!

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