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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We promote reading and lifelong learning, connect people with the information they need, and enrich community life.


We believe public libraries are vital to the community. We strive to deliver excellent library service through equitable access to a variety of materials, innovative technologies, and attractive facilities. We anticipate and respond to the needs of a diverse community. We improve the quality of individual and community life.

We Believe In

  • Equitable access to information
  • Continuous learning
  • Exploring new ideas and fostering creativity
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Balanced, relevant, and responsive collections
  • Planning for the future
  • A dynamic staff that incorporates these values to accomplish our mission

Library Services Plan

In December 2010, Henrico County Public Library began a year-long initiative to gather input from all stakeholders in developing a plan for the future that was streamlined, achievable and updated regularly. The mission, vision, beliefs, and goals on this page reflect this input. Click here for more about the history and to read comments received during the initiative.

Goal 1 - Collections

Books, eBooks, DVD, Materials

Our customers will be offered a responsive and relevant collection that is available in a timely manner.

Goal 2 - Community Outreach

Multicultural, Public Relations, Outreach, Bookmobile, ESL, Seniors

We will offer services and programs that reach out to Henrico County's changing population in ways that respond to their unique and diverse needs.

Goal 3 - Services

Customer Service, Classes, Programs, Processes (Circulation)

We will provide our customers with positive experiences that meet their needs and expectations and that enrich community life.

Goal 4 - Spaces

Buildings, Hours, Rooms, Cafes

All libraries will be welcoming and engaging places that provide maximum accessibility and an array of spaces to meet our community's growing needs.

Director's Message

  • Welcome to the Henrico County Public Library. Our mission is to promote reading and lifelong learning, connect people with the information they need, and enrich community life. We do this by serving the public at our nine library locations, through our Mobile Library Service for retirement facilities and day care centers, and online 24-7 via our web site and digital services.

    We want to make your library experience the best it can be. We offer many diverse resources to the community. These range from a large and responsive collection of print books, e-books, magazines and DVDs to educational experiences like storytimes, book clubs, teen and adult programs, computer classes, STEAM and digital media creation, and 3-D printing. We provide free wifi at all library locations, and hundreds of public computing stations across the county. We offer homework and tax help and job search assistance. We provide a variety of meeting spaces that can accommodate from two to one hundred people and can be conveniently reserved online. We answer questions in our libraries, over the phone, and online via email, text, and chat. Our staff works hard to accomplish our mission.

    We believe libraries are vital to the community. At Henrico County Public Library, we strive to deliver excellent library service through equitable access to a variety of materials, innovative technologies, and attractive facilities. We aim to anticipate and respond to the needs of a diverse community and improve the quality of individual and community life for everyone. We value continuous learning for all, exploring new ideas and creativity, and outstanding customer service.

    We encourage you to visit our libraries, sign-up for a card, check out our books and enriching programs, and follow us on social media. Consider joining our Friends of HCPL or volunteering with us. We invite you to see what we at HCPL can do for you and your family. We welcome your feedback and ideas about our services.

    Your support makes Henrico a great place to live and learn. Reading changes lives and libraries build community. We are happy you are here with us.

    Barbara Weedman
    Library Director
    • Barbara Weedman
      Barbara Weedman
      Library Director

Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

We are working on increasing equity in our library services, and we want to hear from you. We have solicited input from our staff, and formed an Equitability Task Force to take action to better serve Black people, people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, persons with disabilities, persons experiencing poverty and homelessness, and other groups who may face barriers to library access. We formed a committee to address the unique challenges of our community’s new immigrants and English language learners. We plan to build in questions of equity into our planning processes for outreach to Black Henricoans, communities of color, non-English speakers, and other community groups. Please know that we are doing research into this ourselves, and do not expect our Black patrons, our patrons of color, or persons belonging to any oppressed or marginalized group to do this work for us. We are librarians, we are dedicated to learning and to public service, and we are taking action.

Our Values

We believe the library can be a space for joy and fulfillment. All are welcome here, to learn, convene, collaborate, accomplish, and grow. Because libraries provide resources for individual exploration and community exchange, we believe the library can be a space for healing, where people come together, expand their consciousness, and transcend their pain. Learning and the intellect are fundamental to human life, and community life. We believe the library can be a transformative space.

Equity and Inclusion Initiatives at HCPL

We are committed to building equity at HCPL for the long term. Please check back to this page as we continue our work. We will add information about specific library services and resources that are added and augmented as we build equity at HCPL. If you wish to share your ideas, please contact Angie Bennett ( and Patty Conway ( with your questions, concerns, and suggestions about equitability of library services.

Future Goals

  • Community Conversation program
  • Computer access cards
  • Diversity Audit of HCPL collection
  • Staff training on bias and microaggressions
  • Library Services Plan


  • Spanish-language webpage
  • Equitability Task Force formed June 2020 to fast-track system-wide equity initiatives on administrative and policy levels
  • IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) committee formed June 2020 to increase equity and inclusion in public programming
  • Multilingual Translations of library welcome materials made available to all locations July/August 2020


  • PLA Inclusive Internship Initiative Summer 2019
  • Hiring notices placed with ALA Black Caucus and at HBCUs
  • First LGBTQIA+ Book Discussion Group
  • First Multilingual Storytime at Tuckahoe Library


  • All Henrico Reads with Reyna Grande; community conversation about the immigrant experience in Henrico, April-May 2018
  • Diversity and Inclusion Staff Development training with Jonathan Zur of Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities October 2018
  • Homeward training for staff to assist people experiencing homelessness
  • First Bilingual Storytime at Libbie Mill Library
  • Autism 101 staff training with the Faison Center
  • Youth Services staff training with Side by Side
  • Sensory Storytimes for children on the Autism Spectrum available in Eastern and Western Henrico


  • Fairfield Library community engagement and outreach for planning and design, 2017-2019
  • NASA @ My Library initiative to bring STEM education to libraries serving populations underrepresented in STEM career fields, 2017‑2019
  • Formation of HCPL Outreach Department
  • Mental Health First Aid Training

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Library Administrative Offices

  • Henrico County Public Library
  • 1700 N. Parham Rd.
  • Henrico, VA 23229
  • (804) 501-1900 phone
  • (804) 270-2982 fax

Michele James
Administrative Assistant

  •   (804) 501-1907

Patty Conway
Community Relations Coordinator

Alicia Ahlvers
Public Services Administrator

  •   (804) 501-1905

Angie Bennett
Public Services Administrator

  •   (804) 501-1904

Barbara Weedman

  •   (804) 501-1900

Kara Rothman
Assistant Director

  •   (804) 501-1900

Library Advisory Board


Tammy R. Johnson Beard



Jackson C. Knox, Vice Chair



Goutam Gandhi, Chair

Barbara Weedman

Library Director


2020 Library Journal 4-Star Library

HCPL was recognized as a 4-Star Library by Library Journal for 2019. Stars are awarded to public libraries with high per-capita usage and engagement in terms of library visits, program attendance, circulation, and technology use. Usage data recently released by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for FY17 informs the awards. For 2019, 6,333 U.S. public libraries qualified to be rated in the Index. Of these, 261 Star Libraries received either three-Star, four-Star, or five-Star designations.

New Landmark Library Award: Varina Library

Awarded by Library Journal

The New Landmark Library Award recognizes innovative, newly constructed libraries for others to use as a benchmark. By openly listening to and incorporating a diversity of voices into the planning process, the Varina Area Library embraces its future while honoring its past through design, programming, and preserving natural habitat in a diversifying region.

2019 National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards

Caregiver Kits

Awarded by the National Association of Counties

Caregiver Kits at Henrico County Public Library (HCPL) enable those experiencing memory loss or dementia-related illness to connect easily with family members, friends, and caregivers by revisiting familiar themes from their lives. The kits contain books with vibrant photographs, DVDs of classic movies or television shows, popular music CDs, and discussion prompts, all chosen with the goal of encouraging memory and conversation. Each kit has a theme with broad appeal such as local history, cooking, or pets. Kits can be checked out by anyone with a library card to share with an older adult who may be suffering from a memory deficiency. Adults with memory disorders often have difficulty communicating verbally, but sensory stimulation reminiscent of their past, such as the images and music in Caregiver Kits, can stimulate deep memory and help them find the words they need to connect with their loved ones.

2019 National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards

Closing the Distance Between Us

Awarded by the National Association of Counties

Henrico is a rapidly growing and diversifying County in the Central Virginia region. Henrico County Public Library has responded to the changing community by hosting a series of programs to welcome its new immigrant residents. These efforts have resulted in greater engagement between the Library and immigrants in Henrico, which in turn informed the Library’s decision to host author Reyna Grande to discuss her immigration memoir The Distance Between Us at the Library’s signature event, All Henrico Reads, in 2018. After the event with Ms. Grande, the Library hosted a moderated discussion panel featuring local residents and staff who immigrated to Henrico, called “Closing The Distance Between Us.” The panel opened up dialogue and understanding between long-time Henrico residents and new, at a time when immigration is at the forefront of our national discussion.

2019 National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards

Music and Memory

Awarded by the National Association of Counties

Inspired by the documentary film Alive Inside, Henrico County Public Library staff members combined a love of music and passion for serving the aging to create the Music & Memory program. Music && Memory seeks to spark opportunities for older adults to connect to the past and others using popular music of their youth. Already passionate about music and skilled in research, staff from Henrico County’s Mobile Library Services purchased vinyl records of artists from the 1930s-50s, and researched and compiled artist biographies, to play for and inspire discussions with residents of local Senior communities. The program successfully opens a dialogue between Seniors and their peers about their past and what music means and has meant to them. Music && Memory stimulates deep memory in older adults, opening up their ability to communicate. The program builds a bridge between both people, and the past and present, enriching lives and fostering a sense of community for older adults and those with memory disorders.

See more awards


LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy.

Henrico County Public Library is proud of its five LEED libraries, the Fairfield Area Library, the Gayton Branch Library, Glen Allen Branch Library, Libbie Mill Area Library, and Varina Area Library. Learn more about the environmentally friendly features of these buildings on the pages listed below.

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