KindergartenReadingReading together is the single most important way to help your child learn about language and get ready for reading. Reading increases vocabulary and your child’s knowledge of his or her world. Your child will learn how print looks and how books work. And it shows your child that books and reading are fun—so he will want to learn to read on his own.

What you can do now–

  • Read every day for a few minutes, only as long as your child is interested.
  • Interact with books by looking at the cover and predicting what the book is about.
  • Let your child turn the pages and help “read”.
  • Ask questions about the story as you read and listen to the answers.
  • When you finish the book, see if your child can retell the story.
  • Explain uncommon words in the story.
  • Learn about the world by choosing true books on subjects that your child likes, such as animals, or trucks.
  • Visit the library often to find books, and let your child choose the ones that he or she likes.
  • Find and read print everywhere as you go through your day.

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