KindergartenTalkingYour child learns to talk by listening to you and others around him. By the time your child is school age, he or she will understand at least 3000 words. Learning lots of new words will help your child recognize written words and understand them when reading begins.

What you can do now–
  • Talk with your preschooler as you go through the day—about things you see, how things work, feelings and ideas.
  • Listen carefully when your child talks and add more details when you reply, to keep the conversation going.
  • Ask your child lots of questions and wait for a response.
  • When you read, point out and name what you see in the pictures.
  • Ask open-ended questions, such as “what do you think is happening in this picture” and “what do you remember about when we went to the zoo?”.
  • Talk in your native language.

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