Book Club Sets

Shopping bag behind stack of booksMake life simple for your book group by checking out a Book Club Set. Every set includes several copies of the requested title—and you can have it out for 6 weeks! This is a great option for book clubs of all kinds. It’s easy to get started:

  1. Browse our list of book club sets.
  2. Click the “Reserve for Book Group” button on the left side of the screen.
    The next screen will say at the bottom if this set has been reserved during a certain date range.
  3. Select the dates (up to 6 weeks) on the calendar and a pick-up location.
  4. Click “Reserve Item.”
    If those dates are available the next screen will say “Item Reserved.” If you don’t see this screen you may need to adjust the dates you’ve reserved the item.
  5. Once you receive a call that your set is ready, please pick it up at your selected library.

Like to plan ahead?

Book Group Sets are ideal for natural-born organizers. They can be reserved more than a year in advance. Up to three sets can be on hold/checked out per cardholder.

How do I know my reservation worked?

After you select the dates and pick-up location the next screen will say “Item Reserved.” Or you can go to My Account > Review My Account to see the Book Club Set(s) you have reserved

How do I change my reservation?

To change a reservation please contact the library.

How do I return a book club set and what happens if I return it late?

Book club sets can be returned to any Henrico Library location. They must be returned during open hours, at either the checkout counter or the drive-up service window, not in a drop box or automated return machine. All books must be in the book club set backpack when it is returned. There is a $1/day late fee for sets returned after their due date.

Want to learn more?

Contact us with your questions. Librarians at any Henrico Library branch can help you reserve a Book Club Set.

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