Welcome to Minecraft Club

We're glad you're here. Minecraft Club is a place where you can play Minecraft at the library with other kids! We run a dedicated library Minecraft server that offers a safe and respectful place for kids to play. These events are most suitable for ages 8-12.

Registration is required for all Minecraft Club dates unless you bring your own laptop with a Minecraft PC account. You may register online or by calling the library branch where the Minecraft Club event is held.

Upcoming Minecraft Dates:

Please check back with us. We will be adding dates!

Server Rules:

  1. No griefing (griefing is defined as breaking other player’s creations)
  2. No PvP except in the PvP world (PvP is defined as players battling other players)
  3. No offensive language in chat or in the game
  4. Players generally agree to be respectful of each other


Q: Where are the events held? 
A: The events are usually held at Libbie Mill Library in the Digital Media Lab. Sometimes we offer Minecraft Club events at other branches though. We will try to list all Minecraft Club dates and places on this page. 

Q: Do I need to register?
A: If you want to play on library computers, you must register at henricolibrary.org or by calling the specific library branch. All you need is a library card to register. If you bring your own laptop and have your own Minecraft account, you do NOT need to register. Just show up! Registration opens 30 days prior to the event.

Q. Do I need to provide my own Minecraft account?
A: If you are registered for a Minecraft Club event at Libbie Mill Library, you do NOT need to provide your own Minecraft account. If you register for an event at any other library location, you WILL need to provide your own Minecraft account.

Q: Will we play Survival or Creative?
A: Both! We run a dedicated Henrico Library server that allows players to join in either Creative or Survival. We also have a PvP area and sometimes offer other worlds such as skygrid, parkour, etc.

Q. If I bring my iPad/tablet/phone to the event, can I join in and play?
A: You’re welcome to bring your tablet/phone device, but unfortunately it runs Minecraft Pocket Edition which will not “talk” with the PC version of Minecraft on our library computers.

Q: Why is the public library offering Minecraft? Isn’t it just a video game?
A: Minecraft is more than just a video game. Think of it as a platform that allows children the opportunity to create, explore, and learn. Minecraft encourages players to join together and “get under the hood” of the game and tinker with it. By doing this, children can learn such skills as coding, cooperating with others, and problem solving. This article in the New York Times describes the Minecraft phenomenon and the benefits of playing the game.

For more information, please contact the library location where your Minecraft event is held. 

We are thankful to the folks at Apex Hosting for hosting our server for free. Thank you!

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